Sunday, July 3, 2011

Zeroth Order Draft

We just submitted the Zeroth Order Draft, for friendly review by self-selected peers -- 32 hours before the deadline, 900 words below target, and reasonable contents too.

It is summer 2011. AR5 will be published in summer 2014. IPCC reports survey a fast-moving literature. Either AR5 will be outdated before it appears, or the early reviews are largely pointless.

That said, we now have a rough idea of the contents of the other chapters, so that coordination can being in earnest. Chapter 10 (key economic sectors and services) has substantial links to Chapters 3 (water), 4 (water), 5 (coasts), 6 (oceans), 7 (food), 11 (health), 14 (adaptation), 15 (adaptation), 16 (adaptation), 17 (adaptation) and 19 (vulnerability); it may overlap with Chapters 8 (cities), 9 (countryside), 12 (security) and 13 (poverty); and Chapter 18 (detection) may expect us to do things that we expect them to do.

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