Friday, January 14, 2011

Government review

I was invited to act as an expert reviewer of the IPCC Special Report on Extreme Events on behalf of the Netherlands government. In the letter of invitation, the Government reserved the right to censor my comments, in case my comments would disagree with another referee's comments or in case my comments would meet resistance from unidentified people.

I declined the invitation.


  1. Dare I consider your IPPC-appointment a 'one hit wonder'? :)

    PS: It would be great if you'd produce evidence of that invitation - just for the records.

  2. Richard, its a *government review*. But as I was told in Japan, as AR5 author you will also have access to SREX, and ability to comment independently.

  3. You should get this letter out in the open.

    Maybe some newspaper is willing to publish it or some TV-show is prepared to show it.

    Good for you that you declined!

  4. @Laurens
    I'm not worried about getting my comments to the IPCC. I'm worried about the Netherlands government reserving the right of censorship.